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Haha, nice video man.
Work on your animation and you will go far, a few hours of practice every day is all you need man!
Keep at it!

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Smooth hi res animation, I like it!
I love madness animations too!
Good luck man!

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10max10tron responds:

Thanks you! ^^

That would be a weird ass nightmare to have haha.
But the animation was pretty good man.

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This needs a video gallery of all the cutscenes :o!

jeremy7986 responds:


Needs smoother controls man and maybe a heads up at to what exactly you are playing haha.
A nicer more hi res background would be great too!
Maybe a longer music loop with techno sounds as it got too repetitive after a few minutes.
All in all its good but it needs some work.
Good luck bro!

sixshadowsstudio responds:

Thanks for the tips guy changed the background music for a larger and more dynamic I hope you like I'll try to leave more dynamic control over the next few updates the game has power ups are colored triangular half simbulos try reading the help that will soon be in english thanks for the feed back hugs

It needs some work but it's a start
try smoothing the controls a bit and a nice background music would be cool.
keep at it man

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InvidecGames responds:

this is the first game i made 2 years ago, and i will remake it soon cause i think it could be much better.
anyway thank you for voting

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This song is just what I needed to hear after such a long day.
Thanks =D

MaestroRage responds:

glad to hear it! Those long and difficult days tend to jump on you!

Thanks for the review :3

Yes! I missed your work so much.
Loved this, glad you're back!

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MaestroRage responds:

Thank you! I never really left, I just don't have any content I can share lately :C. And the little time I do have off, I spend on other ventures. So every once in a while when enough inspiration gets bottled up, it just EXPLODES and I have to make something for me X_x.

So, soon, hopefully soon, i'll have something new to share.

Thanks for the review!

How about we get back to work on this bro?

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